This site is under construction, we will put content online as soon as it is written :)


The projects's target is to provide an interface to program small virtual robots, which can move over a map similar to a chessboard. Two adjecent bots are allowed to fight each other. The player whose bots remain, wins the game.

Each player writes his program, which then connects to a game Server to play against up to 31 other players. The Server computes the winner of the game from the commands the clients provide and creates a logfile. The log is put on the web and can be viewed in a separte frontend.

Most of the project is written in C++, currently using Orbacus for the networking code, which may change in favor to a free CORBA/C++ implementation. Some textfile parsing is done in a C library using flex, the GUI depends on gtkmm for C++ gtk bindings.

The current project status is a running server, which permits basic commands to start a game, move & look around and to attack.There is a library which abstracts Client commands from the CORBA interface to ease implementation of different types of clients (we want to provide a client with different tactics to choose from but want a programmer to be able to write an own client too). Additionally a C library is provided to parse the logfile and provide bindings for a the visualisation There are currently two frontends, one using X/gtkmm and one using ncurses. Every part needs much debugging and has extensions planned, so be patient with us. :)

marty/jedi31 (for the group)